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Advice on potential re-opening of Wick River

PLEASE NOTE: Provided the go ahead is given by the Scottish Government on Thursday 28th May, it is intended to open the river at 0500 on FRIDAY 29TH MAY. This will, for the foreseeable future, be for Members only.

No visitors permits will be issued until further notice.

It is requested that all anglers carry some form of sanitizer or alcohol wipes, for wiping gates, stiles, etc, as well as for personal use. Remember to take any used wipes home for proper disposal. Do not throw away in countryside!

There has been talk of a 5 mile travel limit. This was a cursory suggestion and following advice on the matter the whole river will be available to members. Wick to Watten is only 7 miles as the crow flies, so we feel there is no reason to segregate parts of the river.

All anglers must travel on their own, unless accompanied by a member of the same household.

We ask that anglers maintain a minimum 15 metre separation whilst fishing and a minimum 2 metres when transiting past someone on the riverbank. Unfortunately, this means that you can not be assisted when landing a fish!

Social distancing is paramount. Any willful disregard of this will be reported to the committee, who will then take any appropriate action required.

Please be thoughtful where you park. Especially near farms. Do not overcrowd parking areas and take all litter home with you.

The farmer at Lower Gillock has requested that no one uses their farm area for parking until further notice.

Association huts should not be used until further notice.

Anglers are reminded of the rule that one step downstream should be taken between casts and no angler should take control of a pool for an extended period. A maximum time of 20 minutes in a pool is to be observed if other anglers are in the vicinity.

Please take care to follow those simple guidelines for both your own and others safety. Water bailiffs and committee members will be closely observing behaviors and any untoward actions may result in loss of your fishing for a period of time.

Please make the most of this opportunity and enjoy your fishing in a safe and understanding manner.

The Committee.

Wick Angling Association

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Kensary Burn




Acherole Burn


Watten Bridge

Bridge Pool

River Marker

Clay Bank

Back of the Hotel

Mill Stream

The Pot

Sanny Lyons

Stepping Stones


Little Pot

Tarroul Bridge

Long Shank

Kitty Gow’s


Quarry Hole

Corrie’s Dam

Doodser’s Dam

Wash Pool

Winless Burn


The Strath

Stepping Stones


Ingimster Bridge


Sandy Hole

Man-made Pools

Rocky Pool


Long Pool

Windmill Pool

Fingers Pool

Built Inner

Bilbster Bridge

Bull’s Hole

Grilse Pool


Dyke End



Haster Burn

Back of the woods



Bridge Pool

McPhail’s Pool

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Access to the river and parking areas are shown on the river map. Please ensure that you park considerately, and in particular, do not park in front of gates or block off access routes. The association depends heavily on the goodwill of farmers for access and we do not want to give any cause for concern. With that in mind, please also do not walk through fields of crops, take the outer edges, and please take your litter home with you.